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About Us

Just a little about us

Betterbooty pants as born out of passion for products for body enhancement. our network of shoppers saves money shopping with us.we pride our selves in making your figure looking better and making the consumer with us you can be confident you are getting the best value for the dollar amount you are paying. Betterbootypants is dedicated to delivering an “exclusive” design for the consumer. This is a brand created by a woman who had a dream to make her body look better and now she wants to make your body look better to.

What we offer

A look of confidence

we offer you comfort, flexibility, with fit like a glove material.we have fabric so soft and stretchy you will hardly know you’re wearing anything. We offer you body enhancement fabric to cling to your body and give you a new booty effect. if you have had any plastic surgery these pants are great for  “POST OPP”recovery. if you had a baby and don’t want to wear “rough denim” clothing that can hurt you, try these pants instead we offer you comfort during these times. For that fact as myself going through this myself, I found a fabric that I could breathe in that felt like air. what’s more important is that we offer high-waisted “above sutures, cuts, cuts, wounds with super stretchy fabric. Most of all we offer you a pair of pants that are beyond universal for the office, out on town or for post-op recovery.

Who we cater to

To all women

We cater to all women, the working woman, the mom, the grandma, to all men and women, transgender to everyone in general. we cater to the woman who wants body enhancement and more curves. If you have had plastic surgery or have just had a baby then we also cater to you. We cater to giving you a better booty, a better body, and more confidence.

world of loveliness

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